Every Day you see a cow


About 8 years ago, I read that every day, each and every one of us see a cow in our daily life.  At first, I thought as I live in the suburbs away from fields and farms, I couldn’t even recall when I last saw a cow, never mind seeing one every day. What I hadn’t been doing is opening my mind to all the different places that I see a cow without realising it. As it was now in the forefront of my mind, I started to notice cows everywhere. The point is that the phenomenon wasn’t about seeing real cows in a field, it was about seeing cows in my fridge, on TV adverts and in films and TV programmes that I was watching. What I found most amazing what the fact that I went past a sign with a cow on it every time I visited my dad, yet until I heard this comment, I had never noticed it. Now, my 6-year-old daughter is shouting “There’s a cow mummy” practically every day.

Law of attraction has been around for hundreds of years and ‘The Secret’ has been watched or read by many people believing that if they ask the universe for what they desire, they will manifest this into their lives. Whilst this is true (I know this, as I have manifested numerous things since I discovered ‘The Secret’), there is a lot more to it than that.


Below are a few ways to create a wealth of desires in your life:

Focus on what you want in your life and not on what you don’t want.

If your child wants to go to the Olympics, get them to focus on that goal. Do not let anything else getting in the way. Create a vision board with their desires on it so that they can see it every day. What piece of apparatus do they want to specialise on, or do they want to be an all-rounder? Do they want to be a singles skater, ice dancer or do they want to be part of a synchro team? Put a picture of their hero on the vision board so they can aspire to be like them. Put any goal they want to achieve along the way. Be involved in their journey, help them to imagine what it would be like to get to that goal.

Visualise enjoying the lifestyle that they dream of.  Visualisation is a powerful tool and it is a vital exercise that any gymnast, figure skater or anyone for that matter should be doing anyway. This visualisation needs to be in addition to the ones that visualise routines and competitions. Devise a guided imagery script for your child that allows them to imagine living their dream, put in the fine details such as the costume they are wearing, how they prepare, the Olympic village. Use all the senses, what do they see? What do they hear? How do they feel? What do they smell? Enjoy this time together bringing their dream to life.

What is the Parent’s role in creating an abundance mindset in their children?

As parents, we often feel that we need to guide our children through life especially during the early years. If we left children to find their own way in life, it is thought that they will behaviour in a way that we believe is not acceptable. When we focus on the bad behaviour, especially when our reaction is of disapproval or disappointment, we are sending messages to the child that the focus is on what we don’t want and not what how we want them to behave. Therefore, we attract more bad behaviour.

As a parent, it is important to create a mindset of shifting the focus by watching our children for signs of awesomeness and observing all the positive characteristics our children portray. Tell them about their awesomeness and then lead by example.

Most parents want the best for their children and have varying styles of parenting and this is a great thing about our society. What is important that both parent and child are in alignment with each other and this, in turn, will form a wonderful bond for you both to build dreams together.

I understand how important an abundance mindset is and how a shift of mindset can improve performance tenfold, therefore, my performance programme designed for parents and their athletes to do together, includes powerful techniques to help both yourself and your child attract what you desire, not only in sport but also in business, education and life itself.

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