Worry Monsters

A few weeks ago, my daughter came home from school raving about a worry monster that the teacher had brought in to use with their children.

The concept is that they write down their worries on paper and feed the monster (He has a zip on his/her mouth. When the child is asleep the monster eats the letters and the worries disappear.

I know that some of my clients use worry dolls, the worry monster I guess is the next step as it allows parents to support their children on a higher level.

I thought this was a great idea and we decided to buy one to try at home.

Whenever my daughter is struggling with something either at school, gymnastics or any other part of her life, She writes it down and feeds it to the monster. In most cases, we have discussed what has been written and work through it together but if your child doesn't want to talk about their feelings, you have the opportunity to read the letter before the monster chews them up¬†ūüėė

Many children worry about things that are coming up in their sport such as competitions, landing a new move, or coming back after injury and this little aid could help soothe those fears and concerns in a fun and mindful way.

It would be great to hear if you have used anything like this with your children and share what things they have been used for and how it has helped your child.

I understand how important working with our children on how they cope with difficulties in their life can improve their  performance immensely, therefore, my performance programme designed for parents and their athletes to do together, includes powerful techniques to help both yourself and your child cope with dealing with anxieties, not only in sport but also in business, education and life itself.

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