Have you nailed these 3 things in your business?


There are three things that even established private practice owners, fail to nail, and are stopping them from having a diary full of their aligned clients.

The good news is that once you have mastered these, calls will be full of your ideal paying client and money will start to flow into your business.

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3 Things you should do to get clients

This is my first blog to help other sport psychologists, trainees or any other sports professional who is looking to make a profitable business.
When we are training to become qualified, we are taught how to be a success in our profession but many of us have never run a business.
When I first embarked on my training to be a sport psychologist, I struggled to get clients and most of my contact hours were with clients who paid very little for my services or nothing at all.
When I became qualified, it was difficult to get enough clients to allow me to give up my very well paid job and felt that I was never going to be able to be a full-time sports psychologist. Then I got myself a business coach and now I have clients that pay over £2000 for my programme.
I am going to share 3 things with you that helped me get my first high paying client:
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