3 Things you should do to get clients

This is my first blog to help other sport psychologists, trainees or any other sports professional who is looking to make a profitable business.
When we are training to become qualified, we are taught how to be a success in our profession but many of us have never run a business.
When I first embarked on my training to be a sport psychologist, I struggled to get clients and most of my contact hours were with clients who paid very little for my services or nothing at all.
When I became qualified, it was difficult to get enough clients to allow me to give up my very well paid job and felt that I was never going to be able to be a full-time sports psychologist. Then I got myself a business coach and now I have clients that pay over £2000 for my programme.
I am going to share 3 things with you that helped me get my first high paying client:
Be clear on your message
Many sport professional businesses try to serve everyone. When I asked a trainee sport psychologist who they served, she said athletes, coaches, parents, and business people and I help them with confidence, focus, anxiety, the list is usually endless. Pick one and be clear on who you serve. For example:
"I help young athletes and performers overcome the mental blocks holding them back so they can truly perform and compete at the highest level". I especially work with children and young adults in gymnastics, figure skaters and performer under the age of 25. I have chosen to only work with clients that are in recreational and talent development squads as I want to be part of the journey for these children and want to promote that sport psychology is not just for the elite but for everyone. I also heavily involve the parents in my children and teen packages as I believe that they need to also develop their skills to support their children. 
At first, it can be quite daunting to niche down your offering as you may think that you are restricting your chances of getting clients but the opposite is true. If you are very clear on who you serve and how you serve them, you become an expert in your field and the 'go-to' person in that area. 
Get Visible
Take your message to everyone you know. Link your Facebook page to your personal profile (you have a Facebook page don't you?)
Build relationships and nurture your potential customers creating the 'know, like, trust factor'.
Be consistent
Show up consistently and provide valuable content. Provide a reason to buy from you without being pushy.
Be authentic and serve your ideal clients, tell them about your offering and where to find you.
I am now developing a programme to help sport professionals in private practice attract new clients and growing their business whilst increasing their income.
If you feel you need support to help your business grow, I offer a free Breakthrough Call so we can uncover what is getting in the way and stopping you from achieving your goal and to see if you are a good fit for what I offer. You will leave the session renewed and inspired knowing the next steps on your journey to success. 
Over the coming months, I will be sharing more hints and tips on how to grow your business so like my facebook page www.facebook.com/SPbusinesshub


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