Have you nailed these 3 things in your business?


There are three things that even established private practice owners, fail to nail, and are stopping them from having a diary full of their aligned clients.

The good news is that once you have mastered these, calls will be full of your ideal paying client and money will start to flow into your business.

The first one is messaging:

How many of you are selling to everyone and help them overcome lots of different issues?

I have seen the websites stating that you help anyone and everyone and then there is a list of pretty much every area that you trained in.

I get this because my first website was just like this. As a hypnotherapist, I learned how to deal with phobias, anxiety, addictions, smoking cessation, weight loss, etc. and it was all listed on my website.

The thing is if you speak about all of these in your market, you are likely to create confusion.

Remember the saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.

Pick one and base your ideal client around that. This way, they will resonate with everything you say. You will be speaking their language and you will be making it super clear that you are the perfect person to help them.

Speak to their pain

Take time out to research the biggest problems that you solve. As therapists, we know that the problem they come to us for isn’t necessarily the thing we help them with.

However, speak to their perspective of the pain and not what you think maybe the real issue. People want to know that you can take them from pain island to success island They don’t really care about how they are going to get there.

This takes me nicely to the subject of modality.

When you speak about what your profession is, you are speaking about you. People don’t care if you are a hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, psychologist, or transformational coach! They want to know that you get them and that you are going to get them to a better place.

Your Offer

I can’t believe how many practice owners are still charging by the hour. This includes a bundle of sessions for a discounted rate.

Your offer needs to be specific to your client’s needs. They need to know that you are going to be there for them throughout their journey. They don’t want to see you for an hour and then, not have any contact until the next time.

A well-designed signature program can take them through a transformation where you are there every step of the way. It takes out the time and cost per hour element which so many practice owners worry about. It needs to be matched to their pain points, resonate with them so much and be so irresistible, that it would be a no-brainer for them to say sign up.

Get these 3 things right in your business and you will start attracting clients who are ready to invest and you won’t have to sell to them.

I have had 2 of my ideal paying clients book a call with me this week, both already wanting to work with me, both ready to take action and both ready to invest in my services.

I see so many therapists fail to implement these fundamental strategies into their business, I want to help more private practice owners nail these crucial foundations in their practice.

Imagine spending 4 weeks together creating a vision of who your ideal paying client is, how to create content, and speak to them directly so that they know that you are the person to help them and having an irresistible offer that will provide them with their perfect solution.

This 4-week acceleration program will help you finally master your niche, message, and signature program that you are confident with that will help you attract the right clients to your ecosystem.

If you are a generalist therapist and struggling to get clients, this is for you. If you are waiting for a sign to change the way you operate, this is it.

I am only opening this for only 6 people at a crazy investment of £149, so you will need to act quickly.

Click here to book a call to apply

Jo x

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