Do you overthink? 3 ways to help you think smarter

We are all skilled at what we do. We are so good at some of the things we do, we perform them without even thinking sometimes.

 Take walking for example.

 For most of us, we stand up and put one foot in front of the other but this has always been the case. Think about a toddler learning to walk. Walking isn’t natural for them. They have to learn to pull themselves up, learn to stand alone and take a few tentative steps with lots of falls in between.

 Only months later, the coordination of the mind and body allows the toddler to walk safely and competently.

 Simple yes?

 Not always because although we learn skills proficiently, we don’t always execute them correctly especially under pressure.

 In sport, we call this choking.

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5 Tips to remember When You Feel Like Giving Up

We have all felt like giving up whether it is in the field of sport, our business or personal life and it can feel lonely when we think that all the hard work and effort we put in, isn't paying off.

Suddenly that sport, business or course you started that we felt so passionate about, becomes tedious and overwhelming and we hear ourselves saying "Why should I bother?".

Below are 5 tips to remember when things start getting us down.

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