Ready to perform at your best without fear, anxiety, and self-doubt?


Things started off well for you, right?

You were learning skills very quickly and you were getting noticed

Your coach saw something in you, you felt so confident and it was like you could learn anything

Skills were challenging but you knew you had what it takes..

And then something happened. 

Your performance plateaued. You’re stuck at a level that’s causing increased frustration and anxiety.

You’re worried about how you’re going to keep up with the pace, learn everything, and meet everyone's expectations of you.

The fear and anxiety kicks in and your confidence plummets.

What if I could show you how to develop your mental toughness so that you can manage these situations better?

"How Maisie got over her mental block"

Maisie's mum came to me when she couldn't face seeing her daughter come back from training each night in floods of tears. Things had god so well and she had moved up the squads faster than any other gymnast in the club.

She was confident, positive, and loved her gymnastics then suddenly she developed a mental block on backward tumbling.

She knew she could do it but her body just wouldn't work.

We worked together using the exact strategies that I will teach you in the academy and gradually Maisie started to overcome her fear.

We worked on her awareness, her self-talk, and looked at how we can change the story and focus on what she wants to achieve instead of the things that were holding her back.

Now she is on the elite pathway, tumbling backwards and her confidence is growing

However, this is not just for gymnasts or athletes who are elite, you don't even have to have a mental block.

The content in the academy can help you improve your confidence, develop concentration, and regulate emotions.

'The Mental Performance Academy' for sport is a brand new mental skills development training membership that could change the way you perform forever.

Be the first to find out how to get access to high-quality training, advice, and support to help you build a rock-solid mindset for success. 

So many coaches and athletes focus on the physical and technical elements of their sport but it is the mental aspect of their performance that will give them the edge.

We have created this academy as we believe that all athletes and coaches should have access to performance psychology and it should not be restricted to the select elite.

No matter what your level, budget or situation is, we are developing an affordable one-stop-shop for you to access the exact mental skills that Olympic athletes get access to.

As a founder member, you will pay just £20 per month. This will remain this investment for as long as you remain in the academy. It will not be so low again. 

For this investment, you will learn from Sport Psychologists who have invested their time and money into learning what is need to be world-class.

You will have access to practical actionable content that is easy to implement and be able to ask our experts for suggestions to help you improve your mental performance.

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