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Want To Learn 15 Ways To Attract Consistent Sport psychology Clients right NOW?

Hi, I'm Jo, a sport psychologist like you.

I help other sport psychology practitioners grow their business, attract consistent paying clients and make more money.

You have decided to train as a sport psychology practitioner, you have started your supervised practice and you are developing your skills in sport and exercise psychology.

But.... you are mainly working for free and offering your services to everyone and anyone who may be interested in getting some sport psychology from someone who is willing to serve anyone to get the contact hours that they need.

However, what no-one has shown you is how to build up your client-base whilst you train and how to attract consistent paying clients who will help you meet your financial and lifestyle goals.

You may be coming to the end of your qualification, knowing that you want to set up in private practice but can't see how you are going to get enough clients and money to having a full-time successful business.

You started your private practice to follow your dream whilst still having the lifestyle you really want... like being able to decide what hours you work, working around your family or leisure activities, and taking time off with zero guilt.

The problem is you’re juggling everything… completing your submissions, working to pay for the training and supervision and running a business where you’re suddenly meant to know every marketing strategy under the sun.

You’re working your butt off, as you have a few clients but you are only charging around £50 an hour so you can't see how you will ever be able to give up your main job.

Clients then decide to stop seeing you without any notice or they don't turn up and you are left not knowing what you will earn from one month to another.

You spend hours working in your business but seem to have no time to work ON your business so you are not seeing the results you want and spending way too much time stressed trying to figure it all out on your own. 

You know you need to take your business to the next level, devote your time and attention to your business where it really needs it and start taking action to attract PAID consistent clients now.

If you’re an action-taker with a fire in your belly to make your business work for you, quit that job which is paying the bills and work full-time in an amazing industry that transforms people's lives, click the link below to book a free strategy session.

I am so glad that I had Jo there to make good choices

"Jo-Anne really helped me get perspective on my business and I was able to think of things that I would never have implemented in my business".

Rebecca - Business owner
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