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Hi, I'm Jo and I am a business owner like you.

If you are reading this then you are probably looking for a way to start making your dream a reality

I’d like you to imagine building a business that touches thousands of people. A business that lights you up and deep in your heart you know that you can be, do or have anything you want...

You have a business where you wake up in the morning, motivated to start your day... creating a life full of abundance where you are so fulfilled with what you have achieved that you are able to unlock your aspirations to succeed (whatever that looks like for you)

Even if this sounds like a distant dream for you, it is possible for you to change your current habits and make changes in your life.

The thing is that most business owners think that they just need to invest in a business coach who will teach them the strategy and they will get the life that many claims is the way to get there.

However, if this is the case, why is it that the majority of business owners waste a lot of time and money and see nothing for it.

It will be no surprise that the reason here is that it is all BS. No not that BS but your BELIEF SYSTEMS.

Some programmes will speak about mindset and many business and mindset coaches will relay strategies that they have been told will work but they have not had any training or knowledge of psychology and how the brain works.

Let me put it into perspective for you. World-class athletes invest in a coach to help them with their technical skills and to learn from their excellence in their particular field. They know the limitations of the knowledge that their coaches have regarding improving their mental performance and they value their coach's time so they respect the time they have together to master their physical performance. Instead, the world-class athletes invest in a sport psychologist to help them with their mental performance. How many top-class athletes work with a mindset coach (google to get your answer)

So why am I suggesting that you invest with a performance psychologist?

We have had years of studying and applying proven strategies that work and I have been able to create an unique approach to overcoming mental blocks to success so that you can MASTER THE INNER GAME OF PERFORMANCE™ so that you can start achieving the success (at whatever success looks like to you) that you deserve

The secret behind this approach is a unique, research-based, proven mental fitness formula for banishing old success blocks so you can take action to get on the path to success and finally unlock your potential so that you can finally change your story and transform their life

For the better part of two decades now I’ve coached thousands of clients including world-class athletes, executives, business owners, and everyday people on how to achieve success and live their dreams.

Over the years I have recognised that most people have no idea how to motivate themselves to be successful. The will is there but the belief and no how isn't. And even when action is taken, they often don’t get the results they expect and deserve.

It’s like trying to pull a car with a harness. No matter how much you pull or how hard you work, you don’t get the results and feel like you are making very little progress.

however, if you have seen someone pull a car, once they get the car moving they get momentum and you can even see people running at the end yet if you give up before the car starts moving, you won't get the momentum you need

This is the same with more areas of our lives. Often we give up because we don't see the results yet success could just be around the corner yet if you stop, you will never know if this is the case.

Very often we are constantly looking at other people succeeding and think why can they do it and not me. This makes us even more frustrated and disappointed with our own performance

What happens is that we all have inner "success blocks" that stop us from unlocking our potential – blocks such as self-doubt, negative thoughts, fear of failure or rejection, low confidence, procrastination, lack of self-discipline, and anxiety.

However, it doesn't have to be this way as you can make great things happen. You just need the commitment to do what it takes, work at it even when times are tough and you don't see the progression and people around you that are going to support you every step of the way.

If this feels like you, then get in touch and arrange a fully-funded strategy call where we can discuss what is holding you back and the next steps towards you finally banishing these pesky blocks and start performing with renewed confidence and resilience.

"Jo-Anne really helped me get perspective on my business and I was able to think of things that I would never have implemented in my business".

Rebecca - Business owner

"Jo-Anne has opened my eyes to what I need to do to make my business succeed and thrive"

- Nick, Personal Trainer

"Jo-Anne has given me so much value and insight how I can move my business forward so it can continue to grow... She has given me incredible insight and I'd thoroughly recommend Jo-Anne to anyone".

- Gemma, therapist

"I found the ideas mentioned really interesting and she made me realise the improvements I could make to my current business plan... She has given me lots to think about"

-James, Sport Psychologist

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