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Supporting Parents Who Have Children In Sport And Performing Arts

Sport Psychology for Parents

There is a substantial amount of research out there on how parents can affect an young athlete and there performance. As parents, we have a huge impact on our superstars and if we instilling confidence and a high self-esteem in our children, we can encourage an healthy and positive sporting experience in young athletes.

At Key Aspirations, we recognise how important parents in the process of being an elite athlete. Therefore, we work with parents to help them understand our they can support their children mentally and to support them to reinforce the concepts that are taught to their children during sport psychology sessions.

We provide group workshops, individual and group consultations depending on the needs of the parent and the athlete. It is really useful at times for the parent to be involved in some of the sessions with our athletes so that they can fully understand the process of what is being taught and how they can contribute.

If you feel that your club would benefit from a parent session, please contact us below to request more information.

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Wow... A huge rock was lifted off my shoulders.

"wow... A huge rock was lifted off her shoulders. She feels empowered to have a person by her to confide in and is full of renewed hope".

Tracey - Parent of a gymnast.
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